SERS – Transform Dawson estate

HDB has announced its latest plans to transform the Dawson estate. This is part of its efforts to create a new and improved living environment for residents, while injecting greater vibrancy by attracting younger families to the estate. 3,700 new units of 2- to 5-room flats will be built in Dawson by 2020, to serve as replacement flats for residents at Tanglin Halt estate which has been identified for Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS), said the Housing Development Board (HDB) . The Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) is part of the Government’s Estate Renewal Strategy to give a new lease of life to older estates. SERS offers flat owners the unique opportunity to move to a new home with a fresh 99-year lease, while at the same time remain close to their neighbours.

 HDB will develop five land parcels in Dawson with new facilities, as follows:
    •  About 3,700 units of 2-room, 3-room, 4-room and 5-room flats;
    •  An array of commercial facilities comprising 30 shops, four eateries and a supermarket; and
    •  A hawker centre.

Location Plan of Replacement Sites in Dawson Estate


Residents at Tanglin Halt estate which has been identified for Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS):

  a) Blocks 24 to 38, 40 to 45 Tanglin Halt Road

 b) Blocks 55, 56, 58 to 60, 62 to 66 Commonwealth Drive.

Profile of Tanglin Halt and Commonwealth Drive

The new flats at Dawson, expected to be completed in 2019/2020, range from 2- to 5-room units. They are near the Queenstown MRT Station and Dawson Place, an HDB neighbourhood shopping complex. Facilities such as shops, eating establishments and schools are also a stone’s throw away.
Profile of replacement site
New Commercial Facilites in Dawson
An array of new amenities will be built in the five new precincts in Dawson, comprising 30 shops, a supermarket, four eateries and social/communal facilities such as childcare centres, education centre, student care centre and senior citizen centre. Together with the current facilities at Dawson Place and upcoming facilities at SkyVille@Dawson and SkyTerrace@Dawson (5 shops, an eating house, a supermarket), they will serve the residents living in Dawson.


Land Parcels
Commercial / Social Communal Facilities
Site A
· 19 shops, a supermarket, a hawker centre and HDB Queensway Branch
· An education centre, a student care centre and an RC centre
Site B
· Three shops, a minimart and an eating house
· A childcare centre and a senior citizen centre
Site C
· Two shops, a minimart and a cafe
Site D
· A minimart and a café
Site E
· Two shops, a minimart and a café
· A childcare centre


Source – HDB

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