Types of Pets Allowed in HDB

Dear HDB owners, are you aware that HDB allows only certain breeds of dogs to be kept as pets in HDB flat. The approved breeds are small dogs which are generally more manageable. Any flat owner who keeps an unapproved dog breed or has more than one dog on the premises shall be considered guilty of having breached the HDB regulation regarding pets and will be liable for conviction that can amount to a fine of up to a maximum of S$4,000.

Besides dogs, HDB allows flat owners to keep other pet animals such as fish, hamsters, rabbits, and birds.These pets generally do not cause nuisance to neighbours and do not disturb the environment. Flat owners are not allowed to keep cats in HDB flats, as it is generally difficult to confine cats within the flat premises. Nuisance caused by cats such as shedding of their fur, defecating/urinating in public areas or even the caterwauling sounds that they make can cause a lot of disturbance, which affects the environment and disrupts neighbourliness in our housing estates.

Below is a guide on the approved dog breeds allowed to be kept as pets in HDB flats.


HDB Approved dog breeds
HDB Approved dog breeds
Source - HDB

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