We don’t call it a bomb shelter, We call it the storeroom.

The Household Shelter (HS) or a Bomb Shelter in a dwelling unit is typically the store cum pantry with its walls, floor and ceiling strengthened with increased thickness. . Under the CD Shelter Act 1997, new dwelling units (both houses and flats) are required to have household / storey shelters incorporated in the developments.

Generally, owners must ensure that there is no hacking or indiscriminate drilling of the floor, ceiling and walls of the HS as this may weaken the structure. In peacetime, only fixtures that can be easily dismantled and removed are allowed in the HS. As a guide, all temporary fixtures/shelves and objects which the owner has placed or affixed in the HS shall be removable within 48 hours upon notice being issued by the SCDF.

Seems like a good idea to have a bomb shelter in every HDB / Condo unit. But, does it makes sense? Does it serve its purpose? I guess 90% of the Singaporean Household treats the bomb shelter as storeroom. Filled their bomb shelter up to the rim with all their old stuff, shoes and some old items that the owner doesn’t realize they even exist. . It may takes days for owner to clear their stuff out of the bomb shelter to ‘ hid from the bomb’ . There will be problem for home owners to ‘Squeeze’ into the tiny bomb shelter too if there is a war breakout. And do not forget there is no water supply in the bomb shelter. How long can the home owners survive in the tiny bomb shelter with little ventilation and no water supply? If you guys have watched Ah Boys to Mens, there is a scene on bomb shelter, you know where i come from.

Some home owners even converted their bomb shelter into a maids room. Imagine sleeping in the bomb shelter. Gosh!! Perhaps when there is a war breakout, the maids may be the only survivor in the house.

I suggest to do away with the bomb shelter in the already “small” apartment in future development. This will free up more livable space for home owners. As for the bomb shelter, I suggest that a Common Underground bomb shelter or a bomb shelter in the common staircase’s well will be more practical. At least people can still move around and gain access to other level of the building. What do you think?

Bomb Shelter - Singapore  (Lianhe Zaobao)

Bomb Shelter – Singapore
(Lianhe Zaobao)

Source – Lianhe Zaobao, SCDF


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  1. A lot of smaller apartments nowadays all don’t come with HS.

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