New 3Gen flats for multi-gen families located close to Khatib MRT Station

National Development Minister Khaw Boon WanHome buyers will have more choice in next month’s Build-To-Order (BTO) exercise.  Multi-generation families buyers who want to live together for mutual care and support will have an additional optionto apply for the new three-generation (3Gen) HDB Build-to-Order flats , located at Saraca Breeze @ Yishun, close to Khatib MRT Station, revealed National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan on Saturday.

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Writing on his blog, Mr Khaw said this will put the pilot launch of 3Gen flats — first announced last month and meant to encourage multiple generations to live under one roof – in the vicinity of an eating house, a minimart, shops and a childcare centre.

This ” New Product” will have an internal floor area of about 115 square metres that comes with four bedrooms and three bathrooms,. This is slightly bigger than an existing 5-room flat, which is about 110 square metres in size but smaller than older HDB 5rooms and Executive flats in Yishun. Current 5 Room flats in Yishun has a size of around 120Sqm – 130sqm while an Executive flat can be as large as 140Sqm.

Mr Khaw  added that the living and dining areas are well-placed to facilitate interaction, whilst providing the necessary privacy to both the elderly and younger couples.

To be eligible for the 3Gen flats, applicants must form a multi-generation family comprising a married or courting couple and their parents. But there are some restrictions — subletting of rooms will not be allowed during the five-year minimum occupation period. After fulfilling the minimum occupation period, the flats can only be resold in the open market to other eligible multi-generation families. The National Development Ministry said this is to ensure that the 3Gen flats actually serve their target group.

Source – Straits Time, ChannelNewsAsia, TodayOnline, HDB



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